Does your insurance company care about the dentistry your child receives?


The answer is NO.


Dr. Jenny is aware of our patients' concerns when it comes to being an out-of-network provider. We have carefully and thoughtfully considered becoming in-network providers and have chosen to remain out-of-network. In fact, recently we re-reviewed the major insurance company plans and this only confirmed our decision to put the quality of care we provide your children first.


Here are the reasons why:  


First and foremost our practice is built on personal care and customized dentistry to ensure your child grows up happy to go to the dentist and not be afraid.   In-network dentists must provide treatment dictated by the insurance company. In-network dentists are forced to use cheaper, poor quality materials and not dedicate the amount of time to make your child comfortable. Recently we actually heard another local Pediatric Dentist brag that they see over 50 patients a day. If you do the math that means the dentist is dedicating 9 minutes on average to each patient. This includes cleanings, exams and procedures like fillings, etc. This approach may work in a factory, but not here at Children's Dental Care.


 What are the differences in cost?


For routine cleanings, most insurance companies provide 100% coverage for preventive care whether you use an in-network or an out-of-network dentist. We work with and submit to ALL insurance carriers (except Husky & Medicare). If you have questions about what is covered by your particular insurance company, we would be happy to provide a complimentary call to your insurance provider to find out your exact benefit.


For cavity fillings and other procedures we use state of the art materials and the latest processes and equipment. In-network dentists routinely place toxic amalgam, silver/mercury fillings, or plain plastic fillings without liners to protect the tooth. In-network can mean insurance dictates lower quality treatment and shorter appointments. Dr. Jenny will not compromise your child's care. Again before any work is conducted we can communicate with your dental insurance company to determine your specific coverage. Out-of-Network does not mean you cannot receive care at our office.


If you have questions, please call our office we would be happy to help you understand your benefits.