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The Anatomy of a Cavity

Many parents ask me about cavities and how they form. So I figured I would make it this month's topic. I want to break down how and why a cavity develops and the ways to help reduce the risk of your child developing them.

What is a cavity? Simply put...a cavity is a hole in a tooth. When you find out your child has a cavity you may say to yourself, "Why get it fixed? The tooth is a baby tooth and will just fall out anyway." Well although that is a common first thought - it is not at all correct. Cavities if not taken care of will grow larger and deeper in the tooth which will cause pain and sensitivity. You need to remember that your child has these "baby teeth" for several years - taking care of them are crucial to the development of their adult teeth. How are cavities formed? Cavities are formed by tooth decay. Tooth decay happens when bacteria stays on teeth. Bacteria is a result of creating an acidic environment in the mouth. Acidic foods such as, milk, soda, candy, cake, fruit juices, cereals, and bread are culprits to breeding bacteria.

How to help fight cavities from forming. Brush twice a day and brush the correct way. Watch this video for the best way to brush your child's teeth. Eat foods that are super foods to help keep your child's mouth healthy. Learn about the top super foods by checking out this video. Protect you child's teeth by getting a sealant on the teeth to help keep cavities at bay. Watch this video to learn about sealants. Lastly, make sure to get your child into the habit of swishing after eating. I call it the Funny Face Technique. To learn how to do this effective and easy method click here. Come in and see us. If it has been 6 months or longer book an appointment to keep your child's mouth healthy. If you have yet to have x-rays done on your child's mouth it is imperative that you schedule them. It is the best way to diagnose whether your child has cavities.

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