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Sundaes, Pies and Cake OH MY!

Bring on the warmer weather and yummy summer treats!

Warmer weather is ALMOST here and that means some fun in the sun and enjoying outside! Soaking up the much needed vitamin D after the looooong Winter and rainy Spring. May is such a fun time! Outside parties kick-off and all the yummy warmer weather desserts: Cakes, pies, ice pops and ice cream! It is easy to partake in these delicious treats from pies to freshly picked fruits.  

Almost everything we eat causes acid in the mouth.  Which causes cavities.  Protect your child's teeth by adding sealants.   In the below video Dr. Jenny Federman walks you through the quick process of how sealants are applied. This quick treatment can safeguard your child from having to deal with cavities and fillings.

Call today to add-on a sealant treatment to your child's visit!

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